Initial full Procedure:

Special Pricing: $450 (Save $50 off the regular price of $500!) Packages includes the Initial Full Procedure appointment, Complimentary 4-6 week Color Boost/Touch-up appointment, Virtual Technology Precision Drawing Placement, and PhiBrows Aftercare kit! 



*Touch-ups are available for current Duluth Microblading Studio clients only.*

4-6 week Perfection/Touch-up: Included complimentary with initial full Microblading procedure appointments.

2-5 month touch-up: $100

6-8 month touch-up: $150

9-12 month touch-up: $200

13-17 month touch-up: $250

18-24 month touch-up: $300

2 years+ and beyond: $450 (complete full process repeated).

For inquiries regarding touch-ups for potential clients who have had a previous Microblading procedure elsewhere, please contact the Studio PRIOR to booking. Our Artist is happy to welcome you as a new client if we are able to help.



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