A graduate of the prestigious PhiBrows Academy, our Microblading Artist in Residence is extensively trained in Microblading.

Between her Duluth and Minneapolis Microblading Studios, microblading is all she does, day-in and day-out. No hair, nails, other tattoos, etc. Microblading is her sole focus, and she has helped thousands of clients achieve their desired results.

Due to extreme dedication and hard work, Julie has been promoted to the prestigious designation of PhiBrows Academy ROYAL ARTIST. This prestigious designation is only granted to PhiBrows Microblading Artists who receive a unanimous decision vote from all of the PhiMasters of the Academy!

Julie is 1 of only 300 Royal Artists in the WORLD!  

In addition to PhiBrows microblading training, Julie holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Hygiene and is a Licensed Tattoo Artist with the State of Minnesota. Your safety is of the utmost importance. With 15+ years of industry experience as a Certified Safety Professional, her expertise ensures our Studio is above and beyond industry safety standards.

Important Note: The State of Minnesota requires a minimum of 200-hours of supervised hands-on tattooing experience prior to becoming a fully licensed Tattoo Artist. This is not the case in other states that require little to no experience or training prior to obtaining tattoo licensure. This holds true for some states neighboring Minnesota, such as Wisconsin, that require no training or experience to obtain licensure.  

At Duluth Microblading Studio, we are insured, extensively trained and a certified licensed tattoo establishment by the State of Minnesota!

Please be sure to research prior to trusting a tattoo artist to perform work. The PhiBrows process is approximately 2 hours in length to incorporate a variety of techniques, precision strokes, superior pigments and digital measurements to ensure hyper-realistic results.

The same results can not be achieved in lesser procedures offered by others offering microblading services.

Trust your face with the best microblading method in the industry!

We are extremely passionate about providing the absolute best service for our clients. We are honored to be your Artist, and will utilize our extensive skills and expertise to dramatically improve to your brows.

Here's to the Brows You've Always Wanted!

   Ella, PhiBrows Academy Master & Julie, PhiBrows Royal Artist

Ella, PhiBrows Academy Master & Julie, PhiBrows Royal Artist

   Johnny, PhiBrows Master & Julie,     PhiBrows Royal Artist                       

Johnny, PhiBrows Master & Julie, PhiBrows Royal Artist


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